​​                                 Keep Calm


                             Allow our 
                       Coaches to Coach
                          Players to Play

                PARENTS ...          

           Positive  Attitude increases confidence
        Allow players to learn and have fun
           Respect the coach/player environment
           Encourage your player

           Negative attitudes contributes to insecurity
           Take time to enjoy watching your player                     Support their efforts

  GCU Academy and Mini Kicks Academy

                Register online today

​​​​​​         GCU Academy

              Academy DOC

Henrik Madsen- 504-957-1547


              Gulfport Branch DOC

Stephen McCarthy


                Academy Registrar
Jennifer Madsen- 228-547-9413



  Did you remember to        REMIND?


    16101 Landon Road                    228-547-9413


Thank you to everyone for

a great 2016 Fall season. 

   Please email Mini Kicks Academy

      and GCU Academy questions to 



          Field Status-Academy

           Gulfport Sportsplex 

                Baseball field #4 and #5              


  Gulfport and surrounding areas-  Gulfport Sportsplex                              

 Find us at  our Fields.

One Player, One Ball

 In the Gulf Coast United Academy we  strive to create a player that is  technically sound and enjoys playing  the game.   We will provide  opportunities that are conducive to  our philosophy of developing creative  soccer players through a safe and  nurturing environment.  Our  curriculum is age appropriate and  developed according to the US Youth  Soccer Model.   

 We believe by adhering to this  philosophy at a young age we will  create players that can move on to  a competitive level of youth  soccer with confidence in their  abilities.  Where they will join others  across the coast that too have been  trained under our Academy  Philosophy.    


  One player, one ball.

 Creating Tomorrow's premiere player  today. 

   For more information on  players U11 and          above please visit our Parent program at          

     GCU Academy Reminders

          2017 Spring Game schedule

​ Friday, March 3rd- Jackson County Soccer Complex

 Saturday, March 11th- Gulfport Sportsplex

 Friday, March 17th- Gulfport Sportsplex

 Saturday, March 25th- Gulfport Sportsplex

 Saturday, April 1st- Gulfport Sportsplex

 Friday, April 7th- Jackson County

 April 14th-15th OFF Happy Easter

 Saturday, April 22nd- Gulfport Sportsplex

 Saturday, April 29th- Gulfport Sportplex

 Friday games start at 6:30p.m.

 Saturday games begin at 9:00a.m.

 (Please remember to bring both jerseys to all games as  well as a ball, cleats, shin guards, and a water bottle)

 Gulfport Sportsplex 

 17200 16th Street

  Gulfport, MS 39503

 Jackson County Soccer Complex (Gautier)
 Audubon Lane
 Gautier, MS 39564

 All communication is done via website,  facebook, and remind texting.  Please  make sure that you have access to  facebook or have sign up for REMIND.  These 2 outlets will be our main outlets of  communication once the season begins.

     Sideline Chatter

  Did you hear about...

                            Remind Instructions

      Mini Kicks Academy-  Gulfport 2 year olds (Mondays)                                    text @minikicks to 81010
    Mini Kicks Academy- Gulfport 3 year olds  (Wednesdays)

text @minikicksa to 81010

                      GCU Academy U4-U6 (Mon and Wed)                                                      text @gcuac to 81010
                    GCU Academy U7-U10 (Mon and Wed)                                                    text @gcuaca to 81010
                          GCU Academy U9/U10 Elite

                               text @gcueli to 81010

              GCU Academy/Bays 2016-2017 Winter Rec

                           text  @gcuawr  to 81010


                       2017 Spring Season

​Mini Kicks Academy- 2 year old group (8 weeks)

Mondays 5:00-5:45 @ Gulfport Sportplex

Starting February 20th


Mini Kicks Academy- 3 year old group (8 weeks)
Wednesdays 5:00-5:45 @ Gulfport Sportplex
Starting February 22nd


GCU Academy U4 to U10 (Feb 6th - April 29th)

*Must be 3 1/2 years of age to enter the GCU Academy

Mondays and Wednesdays 6:00-7:00

Gulfport Sportsplex

​Starting February 6th

Cost- $160.00

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to email Coach Stephen, Coach Henrik, or Jennifer.



You can order parent apparel by clicking on the button below.  Orders placed by the 1st are available for pickup by the 15th.  Orders placed by the 15th are ready for pickup by the 1st of the following month.