GCU Academy programs

        Starts week of March 2nd


 GCU Academy U4-U6  @ 6:00-7:00
 Birth year (*2016, 2015, 2014) 
 *Must be 3 1/2 to enter the GCU U4 program
GCU Academy U7-U8 @  6:00-7:00
 Birth Year (2013,2012)

  GCU Academy- U9, U10  @ 6:00-7:00
 Birth Year (2011,2010) 




  GCU Academy U4-U-6    6:00-7:00
  Birth year (*2016, 2015, 2014) 
 *Must be 3 1/2 to enter the GCU U4 program
GCU Academy U7-U8 @ 6:00-7:00
   Birth Year (2013,2012)

  GCU Academy- U9, U10 @  6:00-7:00
   Birth Year (2011,2010)

​GCU Academy Games- TBA

                  GCU Academy-  Starting week of March 2nd                

          Mini Kicks Academy- Starting the week of March 9th


                 Gulfport Sportsplex


           Mini Kicks Academy

               Mini Kicks Academy- Schedule
                       Gulfport Sportsplex
             Starts the week of March 9th

 Gulfport Sportsplex 
 17200 16th Street
  Gulfport, MS 39503

Mondays- Mini Kicks (2 yr olds)     5:00-5:45

 Wednesdays- Mini Kicks (3 yr olds)  5:00-5:45


 Please note that if any session is rescheduled   due to unforeseen circumstances the time   and day could vary. 

 Contact Jennifer Madsen for more information   about the Mini Kicks Academy Program.     gulfcoastunitedfc@gmail.com




  GCU Academy  U4- U6  Players born in 2016,2015,2014

 Our Pre Academy program focuses on developing gross   motor skills. We include a soccer ball in all activities. 
 Players must be 3 1/2 to enter the program, or have   approval from Academy Director. This group will also be   able to play in 3v3 or 4v4 games on Friday nights  or Saturday mornings.

   GCU Academy  U7 and U8  Players born in 2013,2012

  • ​Teach fundamental soccer skills.
  • Increase the motor skill development in a safe and FUN environment.
  • They will play in 3v3, 4v4, or 7v7 games on Friday nights or Saturday mornings. 

      GCU Academy  U9,U10 Players born in 2011-2010

  • Teach fundamental soccer skills.

  • Increased attention to technical functional training, also include technical-tactical functional training.

  • Training will be based on the four components of soccer, technical, tactical, mental and physical.
  • ​​Games on Fridays nights or Saturday mornings


              Academy Training for U11 and U12
   Please contact Academy Director located on under the         "Staff" tab.